The international group of companies is based in Wels in Upper Austria and is a family business.
In 1790, Johann Teufelberger, a trained ropemaker, founded a hemp rope factory in what is now Bad Wimsbach in Upper Austria, where hemp ropes were primarily produced for agriculture. Due to the route of the horse-drawn railroad through Wels, the company was relocated from Wimsbach to nearby Wels in 1901. In 1931 the production of steel ropes was started, in 1941 also those made of synthetic fibers.

Steel ropes for technical applications are produced. Teufelberger is also active in the extrusion of synthetic fibers. The third mainstay of the Group is the synthetic fiber sector, in which fiber ropes, high-performance and special ropes for industrial and technical applications, belts and ropes as well as braids for composite components and metal-composite connections are manufactured.